San Jose

Hello from San Jose, California. I’m here for a week.

My take-off from Sydney was eventful, we’d started to take off and got about 100 meters down the runway when the pilot killed the engines. Apparently there was an amber light he wasn’t happy with, a small thing to do with the tail of the plane hitting the ground as the plane lifted up. An hour and a half later after returning to the gate we took of on a fun filled 12.5 hour flight with every seat taken, both in economy and business. At least I wasn’t the poor girl who’s TV monitor was broken and she couldn’t watch any of the movies.

Surprisingly I managed to get two hours sleep on the flight over and transferred at LAX without delay.

After spending about 5 hours here in San Jose I am finding it hard to tell the difference between here and home. They even have a Westfields which just doesn’t seem right without a Grace Bros (ok ok Myers) and a Target. Sure the cars are on the wrong side of the road but everything else is just so similar now. Scary.

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