Wellington – Adobe Acrobat Roadshow

Night #2 in Wellington, New Zealand, wondering whether i’m going to be able to get back to Australia tomorrow. This morning’s Adobe Acrobat Roadshow agenda was abrubtly changed as Wellington’s airport was closed and the only Adobe presenter in town was me. A big thanks for all the patient folks who sat and watched me try and deliver almost 4 hours of presentations that cater both to Creative users and Business people alike. I think we all had a great time, Wellington natives are very patient and friendly people!

I just realised i caught myself playing air guitar, standing alone in the middle of my hotel room. Amazing, lonely and missing Ruth one minute and next minute a great song comes on my makeshift ipod (PocketPC with MediaPlayer) and i find myself rocking out. How embarrisment.

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow i’ll get an hour or two to look around Wellington before heading back to Sydney then straight down to Canberra for Friday’s Acrobat session.

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