Day 3 in South Dakota

Boy what a hot one.. 36 degrees! Nice day to enjoy it as we headed out first thing to The Badlands.
The Badlands are a series of eroded hills full of colours. They are right in the middle of Native American history and if you have watched movies such as Val Kilmers ThunderHeart then you have already seen what I am talking about. This same area was used as the backdrop for the alien bug world in Starship Troopers, and its easy to see why, the place looks alien!

After leaving the Badlands and stopping briefly in the nearby town of Wall, we headed through Custer State Park, Keystone, Crazy Horse Monument and then eneded up in a Wildlife Reserve. Photos are available in the Photo section of this site.

Unfortunately tonight is our last in the US, for tomorrow we fly back to Sydney, via Denver then Los Angeles.

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