LiveCycle “next generation” preview release available

For the last couple of months I’ve been flying around Australia & New Zealand impressing various corporates and government teams with a sneak preview of the next version of Adobe LiveCycle, and now you can have a look too.

This release is the most significant since LiveCycle first shipped back in 2004, now with built in support for not just PDF & HTML, but also Flex is a first class citizen with deep integration into the core of LiveCycle which allows the extension of back end systems out to the richest experience possible today.

For developers there is plenty of good news, which a completely new common invocation layer & orchestration engine. Also there is a new Eclipse based process design tool, allowing you to have everything from Form Design, Flex Design (when using Flex Builder), Process Design and more in the one environment, with support for versioning and access control etc.

LiveCycle “next generation” has just been posted as a preview download on the Adobe Developer Center.

So if you think you know LiveCycle.. take a new look, you’ll definitely be impressed.

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