Accessing LiveCycle ES Repository via WebDav

When using LiveCycle ES, the default method of interacting with the Repository service is by using LiveCycle Workbench. You can however connect to the repository using a WebDav client.

The following is a quick guide to access the repository using via WebDav on Windows XP or Windows 2003.

  1. Navigate to My Network Places
  2. Select Add a network place
  3. Enter http://<server>:<port>/repository
  4. When prompted enter the username and password of a user that has the correct rights to access the repository.
  5. You will be prompted for the credentials once again then the Add Network Wizard will display a panel letting you identify a name for the network place.
  6. Click Next 
  7. Select the check box to open this connection and select finish.

You have now a webdav connection to the root of the repository!

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