Australian Spell Check in Adobe LiveCycle Designer

Building LiveCycle forms in Australia or another country that uses English but get a frustrating message in LiveCycle Designer stating “Spell Checking does not support this locale”??

English is English right? Well.. thats a long conversation but for the sake of the keeping things short, you may be wondering why does LiveCycle Designer support US, UK and Canadian English but not Australian English? Product manager Jeff Stanier recently explained to me that Designer makes use of some core spelling libraries and they unfortunately don’t map to all versions of English.

Good news.. starting with Designer 8.1 you can map spell check to other languages. Australian English is not too distant from Canadian English, so how about we tell Designer to just use the Canadian libraries? Easy!

Step to map Spell Check languages..

1. Locate and open up this file for editing “C:Documents and Settings<username>Application DataAdobeDesigner8.1SpellCheckLocaleMapping.xml”

2. There is an exmaple already for us Australians.. all you need to do is take the example out of the quotes so it looks like this;

<Map locale="en_AU" to="en_CA"/>

3. Thats it! Close the file and save, restart Designer, and you should now be able to spell check an Australian form using the Canadian spell check library!

Note: If you find some mismatches between Australian & Canadian you can edit the dictionary and/or add your own words are desired .

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  1. March 17, 2010

    Note that the path for Vista & Windows 7 is;

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