SmallWorlds beta was opened up today and I was lucky enough to get an invite.


Mitch Olson and the rest of the guys over in Auckland, NZ have been flat out creating what I believe to be the best online interactive experience currently on the web.

So what is SmallWorlds? The best i can do to describe it is to think of a cross between “The Sims” and FaceBook. You create an avatar, get some credits and start looking around. Second Life also comes to mind, but unlike Second Life, you can be logged in and interacting with people in seconds thanks to the fact that SmallWorlds only requires Adobe’s Flash Player.

Interacting is fun, you can play pool with others, listen to music, watch TV (YouTube clips), look at art hanging on the wall (Flicker) and more.

It’s currently in beta but still loads of fun. If you want an invite, send me an email.

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