Adobe & BEA Dev2Dev Roadshow in ANZ

Over the last 2 weeks I travelled around Australia & New Zealand with the team from BEA to meet up with a whole bunch of architects and developers. We covered Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne (I missed Brisbane) and met quite a few people as BEA showed off their latest SOA capabilities and I showed how easy it is to extend existing backend systems out to the internet using Flash as the client.
Phone Browser project
In my demonstration I used Doug McCune’s CoverFlow component as example how Flex / Flash can be used to create any type of experience that your creative mind can imagine.

From a data integration perspective, I also gave a brief overview of how LiveCycle Data Services can be used by taking advantage of Flex Remoting, effectively bringing my methods defined in POJOs sitting on my app server all the way to my client, without wrapping in SOAP and unwrapping.

You can watch the Connect recording here;

If you feel like having a play with Flex and/or LiveCycle, check out these links; – Great Flex info
Flex Builder product page
LiveCycle Data Services product page
Adobe Devnet

or check out another walkthrough on the BEA Dev2Dev site here:

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