Model Driven development with Flash Builder 4 & LiveCycle Data Services 3 public beta

The engineers at Adobe have been working hard and hot on the heals of the Flash Catalyst & Flash Builder 4 public betas comes another release for you to have a look at and provide feedback on.

LiveCycle Data Services 3 beta (LCDS3) is the next major release of the server based product that allows for remoting, messaging & data management. If you are new to this product, LiveCycle Data Services extends the open source Blaze project, which enables a “real time web” experience that can push content to the Flash Player rather than polling. Beyond what comes with Blaze, LCDS3 allows extra features like PDF generation, data management and is a fully supported offering from Adobe. Adobe has beefed up tooling by adding plug ins for Flash Builder and simplified developing flex applications. You can now develop new fully functional flex applications with no server code in under 10 minutes!

By adding extra features to Flash Builder 4, currently in beta, LiveCycle Data Services 3 enables developers to graphically build their data model and define relationships between entities. It is also possible to import a model directly from an existing database table via built in RDS support.

Flash Builder Data Modeller

Once the data model is defined, it can be deployed to the LiveCycle Data Services instance running on the server, which will utilise Hibernate to handle all CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations. In other words, you don’t have to worry about a lot of that “server stuff”, LCDS will call the database and send the results to your Flash app in real time!

There are a few videos to help you get started and there are plans to add more. You can download LiveCycle Data Services (LCDS) 3 public beta here on

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