Australian LiveCycle ES2 roadshow

Adobe recently announced LiveCycle ES2, the next version of the Enterprise Suite of technology for linking PDF, Flash,  HTML and more with your core business systems. Here is your chance to see how LiveCycle ES and the Adobe Flash Platform can be used to build solutions including;

  • Data Capture
  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Document Conversion & Output
  • Process Management
  • Content Services
  • Document Security

If you’ve heard about LiveCycle and want to know more or you’re an existing user and are curious about the new improvements, then join me for a overview and a chance to have all your questions answered.

I’ll take you through the technical details of LiveCycle ES2, showing you how quickly you can put solutions together that meet your business user requirements plus how LiveCycle integrates with the Adobe Flash Platform. All live demos and no slides (well maybe a couple of diagrams!)

The session will run for 90 minutes from 10am in the following cities:

Tue 24 Nov – Brisbane, Brisbane
Wed 25 Nov – Sydney, Sydney
Thu 26 Nov – Canberra, Canberra
Fri 27 Nov – Melbourne, Melbourne

If you’d like to attend, then register here;

Wait! That’s not an Australian tour! What about Adelaide & Perth?
Well, I’ll be in Perth this week attending Edge Of The Web so send me a tweet if you’d like to meet up and take a look.
If you’re in Adelaide, Darwin or anywhere else and interested let me know and i’ll work something out.

I’ll also be presenting at cfObjective showing how ColdFusion & LiveCycle ES2 can work together!

Come and check out LiveCycle ES2.. if you need to build Enterprise applications and want to make your customers / end users happy, you need to check this out!

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