Adobe LiveCycle ES2 trial now available – How to get started.

Adobe have released a free fully functional trial version of LiveCycle ES2. Also available are lots of recordings & samples for you to get familiar with the latest release.

LiveCycle ES2 downloads –

LiveCycle ES2 documentation –

LiveCycle ES2 samples –

LiveCycle ES2 home on Adobe DevNet –

Finally, for the business orientated, check out the LiveCycle ES2 pages on –

There has never been a better time to kick the tyres of LiveCycle, and once installed you can have fully functioning applications built in minutes! Go get it!

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  1. Matthew
    January 20, 2010

    I think there have been better times… There used to be a no-charge single CPU license, and a 100 user license which no longer exist. Now the published entry-level list price for LiveCycle ES2 is $30,000. This is the kind of pricing found years ago for Macromedia Flex 1.0 and 1.5. Do you have many clients who can pony up that kind of money, for one component in the stack?

    • January 20, 2010

      Hi Matt

      I think you may be referring to the LiveCycle Data Services ES2 component which is just one of 15 available LiveCycle modules. If this is the case its probably worth pointing out that while you are correct that the LiveCycle Data Services ES2 Enterprise Edition has a list price of $30,000 (and who pays list price these days?) this price includes 5 copies of Flex Builder Pro and the productivity & business benefits far outway the cost. I’m not sure what you pay (or charge) for development services, but the cost saving in development time alone by using LiveCycle Data Services often justifies the licence costs. Data Services customers also see a reduction in cpu requirements and network bandwidth.

      For smaller projects Adobe also has made a cut down feature set available for free as the open source Blaze DS. Finally if you have a collaboration project in mind, check out LiveCycle Collaboration Services, a hosted service that allows you to get started without deploying any infrastructure, and you only pay if your load goes over a certain threshold.

      If you are referring to LiveCycle ES in general, then you can get a whole lot of value for far less that $30k, and many many customers have been able to meet their business requirements with small cost effective deployments


  2. Tracey
    March 15, 2010

    How much is it to purchase Adobe LiveCycle Forms ES2 – if it is possible to buy a single module…

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