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In November I wrote about “must see” improvements made by Adobe to its free online collaboration service.  In the press release about the latest version there was mention of work done by scanR to bring mobile integration to users. This release for iPhone is now live on the iTunes app store.

So why use on your iPhone?

The mobile by scanR site explains the following workflows;

Work from anywhere – Access files from your mobile phone, and easily share them with others as a link instead of a bulky e-mail attachment.

Scan to PDF – Use the camera on your mobile phone as a scanner and upload the images to as PDFs.

Send faxes – Fax any of your files directly from your mobile phone.

Print files – Print your files by sending them to any fax-enabled printer.

What I really see useful is the collaboration benefits while out and about.

The idea of taking a photo of a whiteboard and sending to everyone in the room is great and something i’ve started doing. Being able to share documents immediately to someone you just met in a meeting instead of taking notes is also a bonus. Ultimately this app will speed up the way I work!

iPhone users can grab the app now and I understand that there is also support for Blackberry.

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