LiveCycle Data Services 3.1 update & BlazeDS 4 now available

Adobe have released an update to LiveCycle Data Services and a new release of BlazeDS. Both  have been made available for download and the updated docs have been posted.

New since LiveCycle Data Services 3.0:

Alignment with Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4
The LiveCycle Data Services 3.1 supports the released versions of Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4.

Extensibility and increased flexibility for model-driven development
The ability to generate and customize model-driven application code is much improved in LiveCycle Data Services 3.1. In addition to generating and customizing client-side ActionScript code and model-driven forms, you can generate and customize server-side Java code. You can also extract and customize the code generation templates for the generated client-side and server-side code.

The Modeler provides new user interface features for code generation. You can choose the types of code to generate, which code generation templates to extract, and where to save the generated code and templates.

For more information, see “Model-driven applications” in the “Using LiveCycle Data Services” guide.

Improved offline data management support
LiveCycle Data Services 3.1 provides major improvements in offline data management support, including:

* Offline queries using SQLite in AIR clients
* Encryption of local data in SQLite
* Model-driven development of offline applications

For more information, see “Occasionally connected clients” and “Model-driven applications” in the “Using LiveCycle Data Services” guide.

Wider platform support
LiveCycle Data Services 3.1 provides support for additional platforms. For more information, see the LiveCycle Data Services product page on the Adobe website.

Many fixed issues
Many fixed bugs and usability issues from LiveCycle Data Services 3.0 and earlier releases.

Where are the bits?

Check out the LiveCycle Data Services ES3 product page on

Get the LiveCycle Data Services 3.1 bits here:

Get the LiveCycle Data Services 3.1 Application Modeler Plug-in for FlashBuilder 4 here:

Get the BlazeDS 4 bits here:

LiveCycle Data Services 3.1 / BlazeDS documentation:

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