Twitter Component for Adobe LiveCycle ES2.5


This is a LiveCycle ES2.5 component that allows you to orchestrate a status update of a users account on Twitter. This latest version support authentication via oAuth and as a result you must follow the setup process in order to gain access to the account.

Twitter Component v2.0 (Zip file of LiveCycle Archive (LCA)

Setup instructions

Registering the component with Twitter

  1. Browse to
  2. Log in with a valid Twitter account
  3. Select “Your Apps” then “Register new app”
  4. Complete the form with the following in mind a) Application name should be whatever you want to be displayed in the stream b) Application website is what you want to link users to if they click your application name c) Application Type must be Client d)  Default Access Type must be Read & Write

  5. Click “Register Application” and accept the Terms of Service
  6. Take a note of the Consumer Key & the Consumer Secret
  7. Click on “My Access Token”
  8. Take a note of the Access Token & Access Token Secret

Deploying the Twitter Component for LiveCycle

  1. Download Twitter Component v2.0 and unzip.
  2. Login to LiveCycle AdminUI
  3. Select Services -> Applications and Services -> Application Management
  4. Click Import and browse to TwitterComponent.lca
  5. Click Preview
  6. Select “Deploy assets to runtime when import is complete”
  7. Click Import
  8. Navigate back up a level to Applications and Services, then select Service Management
  9. Enter Twitter into the name field and click Filter
  10. Click on TwitterStatus
  11. Enter the 4 values from the Twitter application registration page.

Testing the Twitter Component

  1. Open LiveCycle Workbench
  2. Select File -> Get Application
  3. Select TwitterSamples
  4. Right click on the “TestUpdateStatus” process and select Invoke
  5. Enter your test Tweet message
  6. If you receive a status code of 200, then the tweet was successful. If you receive a different value then consult this guide on Twitter Response Codes & Errors

Let me know how it works for you and what you plan to do with it!

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